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 Name:Sergei Dalakian   Prosted:2011-8-27 22:37:36
We are in process of building a prototype of a robotic system for possible military application.
Most likely we need to order a set of few dozens of special pulleys. (They need to be twice wider than standard - cause each pulley drives two belts).
At this point we are testing products of different manufactures and asking them to send us free samples for testing.
Based on your catalog, the closest to our application are 14T5-36 and 60T5-36. Material- Aluminum
However the exact size of pulley is less important and you may send us anything close to these models. (Whatever is available)

Our address is:
Dalakian Engineering
4845 90th Ave SE
Mercer Island, WA 98040
United States of America

Thank you in advance,
Sergei Dalakian,
Chief Engineer
Could you please give us your web site and E-mail address?
 2011-10-17 17:28:54
 Name:万维   Prosted:2011-4-28 20:33:29

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