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Chengdu Perfect Machinery Co.,Ltd was established in 1994.After development of over 15 years, PERFECT has become a medium-scaled Exporting type manufacturer of the Industry Application Fiend. Our main business is working as the original supplier and sub-contractor for many world famous Manufacturers and Distributors in the Industry Application Field.

PERFECT Machinery is a young, dynamic, innovative manufacturer who oriented to meet customers satisfaction and firmly resolved to win the challenge of global markets, including Power Ttransmission, Motion Control, Drive Design and Transfer Applications.

More than 14 years’ running experience represents an idea which translate design into application consulting service which is unprecedented for this field. After China joined in WTO, it’s a nice change for PERFECT Machinery to do business with overseas customers directly. With the constant effort, our business has spread from most of countries in Europe, Asian and so forth and formed a well and long-term cooperative relationship with our customers.

We invested a great deal of funds in technology to support product quality, logistics, etc. For improving our larger business and the real purpose is to satisfy our customers’ need, so nowadays, PERFECT Machinery has invested another large amount of funds again to bring some sets of advanced machines constructing its own factory. We embrace the new and lasting changing technology. Meanwhile we have to work harder than before to earn your trust and get your more business due to the competitions becoming tougher and smarter.

Here we want to build a better and more stable long-term cooperation relationship with our clients whatever existing or potential is and sincerely hope you would invite us to work on your next project.
For more than 14 years of deliberate change, PERFECT Machinery has set up a complete background service system and formed a positive and upward attitude to the customers. No matter the pre-and after –sales service or providing customers with timely, accurate information, we all strive to do our best to make the customers satisfied and get our standard ---- PERFECT.

We always believe that customers’ needs are our responsibility and works!

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